Evolution Supreme Chair

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The Evolution Supreme chair is a full pressure relieving foam day bed which uses the latest technology in pressure management materials. It offers adjustable wings and drop-down arms (multi position) allowing for easy patient side transfer as well as catering to a larger variety of body types or those requiring outstretched limbs.

The foams are a visco elastic foam designed to distribute pressure over a large area while allowing the natural alignment of the spine. The high grade visco elastic foams give the end user excellent pressure relieving qualities without compromising postural support.

The cover is a Carrflex material designed to give 4-way stretch to reduce shearing.

The low friction 5 inch castors with one directional locking castor enable easy and smooth wheeling around or through any standard doorway.

The chair has been designed as a low maintenance, user friendly chair with a large range of adjustable seating positions to suit almost any user.

Part #: SUPEVO

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Product Specifications

Small, Ice Blue/Fusion Blue Medium, Ice Blue/Fusion Blue Medium, Dot Forest/Fusion Basil Medium, Dot Coffee/Fusion Sage Small, Dot Forest/Fusion Basil Large, Dot Forest/Fusion Basil Small, Dot Coffee/Fusion Sage Large, Dot Coffee/Fusion Sage Large, Ice Blue/Fusion Blue
Product Width (cm)70 73 73 73 70 83 70 83 N/A 
Weight Capacity (kg)145 145 145 145 145 190 145 190 N/A 
DVA RAP ScheduleAC08 AC08 AC08 AC08 AC08 AC08 AC08 AC08 N/A 
DVA RAP Code20007 20007 20007 20007 20007 20007 20007 20007 N/A 
Seat to Floor Height (cm)62 62 62 62 62 62 62 62 N/A 
Seat Width (cm)46 49 49 49 46 59 46 59 N/A 
Seat Depth (cm)48 58 58 58 48 58.5 48 58.5 N/A 
Backrest Height (cm)80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 N/A 

Product Features

Low seat height for easier stand assist transfers.

Low friction 5 inch castors with directional lock.

High Elevating leg rest to reduce fluid retention.

Soft touch levers for easier operation of tilt, recline, elevating leg rest.

Full pressure relieving foam with no maintenance.

Carflex multi stretch cover.

Easy to maintain.