One Touch Daily Living Range

The One Touch range of daily living items are ideal for those with arthritis or weaker hands, providing independence in the kitchen at the touch of a button. Difficulties opening jars, bottles and cans during meal preparation tasks can lead to frustration and discouragement, and at times, people resort to unsafe methods of opening these items.

For those living alone or those unable to manage tight, factory sealed lids, the One Touch range provides increased independence and safety, while contributing to a greater sense of empowerment during meal preparation activities. Our range includes the automatic jar, can and bottle openers, and automatic salad spinner and all require AA batteries for operation.

One Touch Automatic Jar Opener

One Touch Automatic Jar Opener

The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener helps prevent twisting, pulling and pain by opening lids at the touch of a button. Simple to use, just fit the jar opener over the lid and the rubber jaws will automatically adjust to the lid size and securing in place before rotating itself to release the lid. Once complete, you can simply remove the jar opener by lifting it off the jar. Suitable on all lids from 30mm to 88mm – even new, factory sealed jars.

One Touch Automatic Can Opener

One Touch Automatic Can Opener

The One Touch Automatic Can Opener is a hands-free automatic can opener, which swivels around the can and switches itself off automatically, leaving the lid easy to remove without sharp edges. It has an inbuilt safety measure whereby it does not turn on or start working until it is placed on top of a can, reducing the risk of accidental injury significantly.

One Touch Twizzoff Automatic Bottle Opener

One Touch Twizoff Bottle Opener_0

The One Touch Twizoff Automatic Bottle Opener uses its rubber jaws to automatically adjust to the lid size, break the seal and open the cap with a smooth, effortless motion. It is suitable for both plastic and metal screw-top bottle caps.

The entire One Touch range is innovative, and their ergonomic, simple to use design means they are suitable for use by anyone, regardless of hand size or hand dominance. Come and visit us at GMobility to try these products out for yourself!

If you require more assistance in choosing the right equipment to suit your needs, contact our team today for more information. You can call us on 1 300 00 4662 or send an email to info@gmobility.com.au.