The GMobility Teams Top Picks for February 2024

In February, we had one team member pick their favourite product every week. Here are the GMobility team’s top picks for February 2024.

Ayla selected the Peak Pedal Exerciser with Speedometer as her product of the week.

The pedal exerciser is a fantastic addition to anyone’s fitness and mobility routine. Its adaptable design caters to beginners, those recovering from illness or injury, and seniors, offering adjustable resistance for a personalised experience. Whether you’re aiming for leg exercises on the floor or working on your upper body at a table, this versatile tool has you covered. The built-in digital display keeps you informed about your progress in terms of time, rotations, and calories burned.⁠

Ayla says, “The pedal exerciser is small, portable, lightweight, and can be used with many types of chairs. It’s also easy to fold up for a quick pack up, which makes it the perfect exerciser for the home.”⁠

Emma selected the Uccello Tipping Kettle as her favourite product.

Designed for individuals with arthritis or weak hands, the Uccello Tipping Kettle provides a lightweight and power-pouring solution. It has a non-weight-bearing ‘tilt and pour’ action from the ergonomically designed handle. The weighted base of the kettle arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and steadily to the fixed position of the cup without removing the kettle from its cradle.⁠

Emma says, “With a 1.5L capacity, the tipping kettle is great for preventing hot water spills for those with restricted hand mobility.”⁠

Sapphire selected the Ellipse Knee Walker as her product of the week.

The Ellipse knee walker is a comfortable, highly portable, and manoeuvrable mode of transportation that greatly improves the quality of life of the user. It provides the patient with more mobility, stability, and comfort with less effort, allowing them to get back to a near-normal lifestyle.⁠

Sapphire says, “The knee walker is perfect for those who want an on-the-go, faster option than crutches. It folds down, perfect for travel, is height-adjustable, and allows for ankle and foot injuries to be offloaded.”⁠

Teigan selected the The Pride Mobility GoGo Elite 4 Wheel Scooter as her favourite product.

The Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus is perfect for individuals with limited dexterity who find walking long distances difficult. The seat post suspension gives a smoother ride, and one-hand feather-touch disassembly makes the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus the easiest travel scooter to take with you anywhere. The frame easily disassembles into five super-lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage.⁠

Teigan says, “The Go-Go Elite Traveller is portable, compact, and easy to assemble and disassemble. This is a great option for shopping centres and getting out and about.”⁠

Gareth selected the Karma Eagle Wheelchair as his favourite product.

The Karma Eagle is a lightweight, durable, and reliable manual wheelchair that is highly adjustable. The Eagle comes standard with swing-away and removable leg rests, swing-back adjustable armrests, and quick-release wheels. It offers an impressive range of standard features, with an extensive selection of personal customisation options available.⁠

Gareth says, “The Karma Eagle wheelchair is available in multiple sizes, with a wide range of adjustments available to ensure a correct fit for each individual. With a strong, sturdy design, this is a great self-propelled wheelchair choice.”⁠


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