BodiTrak Pressure Mapping System


Following a few successful trials, GMobility has elected to purchase a BodiTrak pressure mapping system to assist with both complex seating assessment and final wheelchair setup.

The system utilizes a flexible pressure sensor mat which is placed between the client and the seating system. When connected to a PC we are able to display a real-time heatmap of the pressure being exerted on the client’s body by the seating system. This allows us to do things like compare & verify the effectiveness of different pressure care cushions or backrests with a specific client. It is also great for the client as we’re able to physically demonstrate the impact of powered seating functions such as tilt & recline on pressure redistribution which can be really helpful when explaining a pressure relief regime.

Finally, the system also allows us to see the impact of any adjustments that are made to a wheelchair seating system on pressure redistribution. We have found this to be invaluable when setting up a client’s wheelchairs, particularly where asymmetrical postures are concerned.

During the assessment process, we take a number of snapshots as a record of the changes we’re making, which can be provided to therapists to support clinical justification. For more information on the system take a look at the video below from BodiTrak which demonstrates the system in action!

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact the GMobility team or feel free to watch more videos from BodiTrak on their YouTube channel here.

If you require more assistance in choosing the right equipment to suit your needs, contact our team today for more information. You can call us on 1 300 00 4662 or send an email to info@gmobility.com.au.