Rifton Tram Transfer And Mobility Device



The Rifton TRAM is a transfer and mobility device designed to deliver three powerful functions in one compact unit: gait training, sit-to-stand transfers and seated transfers.

Capable of lifting and transferring patients of varying abilities and body types, the TRAM features an innovative, patent-pending, support system that secures the patient with a simple buckle. This enables the caregiver to quickly prepare the patient for a safe transfer.

At just over seventy pounds, the TRAM?s compact, ultralight frame is maneuverable in small or confined areas, as well as simple to transport or store. Quickly adoptable by multiple caregivers, the TRAM?s intelligent engineering significantly reduces back strain and stress ? providing a smarter and safer environment for workers.


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Product Specifications

Product Features

An ultralight compact frame that?s easy to maneuver in tight spaces
Intuitive controls and adjustments, making it simple for a single caregiver to operate
A body support system that eliminates any lifting by the caregiver, reducing back strain and workplace injuries
150 kilogram weight capacity and a powerful battery drive that can deliver over 70 lifts on a single charge
An optional built-in scale, allowing you to weigh your client while performing a routine transfer