Darco Heel Wedge Shoe

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The HeelWedge Healing Shoe was designed to off-load the heel and shift the weight to the midfoot area so one could heal faster following surgery, trauma, or after experiencing wounds on the heel. The HeelWedge? healing shoe comes with a square toe design that offers two things: a better fit and extra room in the toe box. The forefoot closure presents a secure fit without uncomfortable pressure points of buckles and straps; plus the ankle strap holds the foot in place without heel friction. Patients won’t have to worry about cold toes or whether or not their dressings will be kept clean and dry because the shoe comes with a cloth toe protector that will add warmth and protection against the elements. The Darco HeelWedge shoe for wound care also features a rocker bottom to maintain stability and a smooth toe-off.

Part #: DAR-HQ

Product Specifications

Product Features

Can be worn on right or left foot.

Off-loading for heel area.

Square toe design offers extra toe room and a better fit.

Forefoot closure offers secure comfortable fit without pressure points of buckles or straps.

Rocker bottom for smooth toe-off and for maintaining a stable mid-foot base.