Abri Flex Premium Pull Up



Abri-flex premium pull-up?s can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the users feeling of freedom and dignity.
Abri-flex premium can often reduce the workload associated with fitting and changing pads.
The new abri-flex premium generation has been developed with a focus on improved fit and leakage security.


Part #: SA4107

Product Specifications

M1, Medium, Box of 84 L1, Large, Box of 84 XS1, Extra Small, Box of 84 S1, Small, Box of 84 S3, Small, Box of 84 M3, Medium, Box of 84 L3, Large, Box of 84 XL1, Extra Large, Box of 84
Hip Size (cm)80-110 100-140 45-70 60-90 60-90 80-110 100-140 N/A 
Capacity (ml)1500 1600 1400 1400 2100 2200 2200 N/A 

Product Features

High number of elastic threads ensures a perfect snug fit.
Super soft breathable textile-like exterior allows the skin to breathe ensuring comfort and it makes the product noiseless and discreet.
Colour coded printing allows easy product identification.
Discreet wetness indicator turns blue when wet making it easier for carers to check if product needs changing.
Elastication in the crotch area ensures a snug body fit and minimizes leakage.
Top dry layer allows rapid penetration of liquid which results in a dry surface next to the skin.
A channel system in the absorbing core for rapid absorption and dispersion of liquid.
Odour system reduces the risk of unpleasant odours.
Leg barriers prevent leakage.
Awarded the swan eco label.